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Thanks to so many kind and caring community members, parent organizations, business leaders, and many others, the AGWSR school libraries are thriving with current digital and print resources for the students and staff of AGWSR.

Latest Business Donors 

from  Winter 2017 - Summer 2018

*GNB - Smart TV, AGWSR Nation Website, STEMi Trailer

*GBB&T - Iowa's Award Books

*Ackley Super Foods - Battle of the Books Sponsor, Snacks, Prizes, etc.

*Cougar Connection and Cougar Impact - Help with Book Fair

We don't print individual donors in order to keep their identities private - but their support, financial and/or volunteerism

is undeniably appreciated!!!

Class Reunion gifts and

Memorials have also been

very appreciated through the years!

Talk to your child about being Online

8  Essential Facebook Rules for Teens

The AGWSR Library program strives to bring timely, reliable and easy to use information to our staff, students, and community members of the AGWSR District.

We support our District Mission and we believe nobody can ever be too informed!


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Thank you:  KWWL, University of Iowa Credit Union and Kimball & Beecher Family Dentistry for $1,000 toward a new video camera and microphone system. 
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